Monday, November 2, 2009

How to post to this Blog

It has been brought to my attention that the reason more people are not using this blog is that they don't know how. Therefore I thought I would solve that problem.

Step 01. Once at Blog site, go to upper left hand corner click on the “Sign in” link
Step 02. Enter your Google Account User Name and Password
Step 03. If you do not already have a Google Account click on the “Create a Blog Link” to create a Google account. It’s free and you can use any existing email address.
Step 04. Once signed in, it will pull up the Dashboard. On the left hand side you can create a profile about yourself, if you desire. On the right hand side you will see options like “New Post”, “Edit Post”, “Settings”, etc. Click on “New Post” link
Step 05. In the new post Tab you will see “Title” and a box to the side. Enter The Title of your post, example: “How to Post to this Blog”
Step 06. Across the top of the “Compose Section” you will see different options like: Font, Font Size, Bold, Italic, Font color, etc.
Step 07.
If you want to place a picture with the post, go to the third icon from the End (on the right hand side). This is the Add Image icon. Click it and a new window will appear.
Step 08. From there you can “Add an image from your computer” or you can “Add an Image from the web” You can also choose your layout. I usually use the default layout; (image to the left with text wrapping around it). I also usually use medium for image size. Click Add image, then click done.
Step 09. Back at the compose tab, type in your comments or questions as you desire.
Step 10. You can use the preview link in the upper right corner so see how it will look before you actually post. When ready click on the Publish Post button on the bottom left hand corner.

Just like a normal web page, it takes a little practice lining things up. That's why I use the Preview Link (a lot!) But now that you know how, give it a try and share all those wonderful photography experiences.

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  1. I still don't see where I can "post" a question when I go to Dashboard.
    If I want to ask a question do I have to start a blog?