Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More about the light

In this example, even though it was very bright outside I still used the two flash set up mentioned below. The reason being . . . it was too bright and sunny.

Notice, no harsh shadows on the faces. People may look at you strange when shooting with flash on a bright sunny day, but I find the images consistently look better.

I also use this type of setup when trying to do a little fill light. Example: using natural leaves to frame your subject. Normally they turn dark, because your camera is exposing for the subject itself. Using the extra flash, makes both the subject and the leaves look natural.

See an example under my post dated Nov. 28th 2010 that is called: "MORE than what you saw".

About the Light

I have had people ask me about my lighting when I shoot outdoors. It's not fancy, but it is effective, especially when shooting people and you want to avoid harsh shadows.

As most of you aware the built in flash (A) on most cameras is NOT very powerful. I often use a secondary flash (B) with a head that I can turn at an angle. Regardless of what brand you choose, you want it to be a "Slave" Flash.

When your original flash goes off, the sensor (C) on the secondary flash also sets that off. By keeping the more powerful light at an angle it keeps the image looking more like natural light (without blowing away the subject.) Since this light is higher and at an angle, you rarely see any additional shadows.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keep On Learning

For the last few months, I have spent more time making Photoshop Tips, than shooting photos. Many photographers use this popular program, and many do not.

Those that do not, are often over-whelmed by how much there is to learn. I myself used Photoshop 7 for over 12 years because for the same reason.

As I have pushed myself to learn more, I also learned more about myself.

I learned that I understand things better, when I look for ways to explain things to others. I learned that trying things that scare you can also be inspiring. I also learned that the learning process in itself, keeps your mind open to new ideas. I encourage all to try something you have never tried before.