Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ART improves Photography

When I was in High School, I took pictures of everything. I won several awards. Everybody knew me as a photographer and life was good. When I went to college, a teacher reviewed my portfolio. This man studied every picture, then calmly said,

"Do you know what you're problem is?"
A little nervous I replied, "No. What's my problem?"
"Your problem is . . . you were told you were good." He answered.
I was only 18, so in a cocky voice I asked, "And why is that a problem?"
He grinned like he expected my reaction. "You've been told you were good, by people who have no idea what good really is. Now, you're going to be good, according to those who know what good really is."

That is when I started studying ART to improve my photography skills. Although I have taken have a dozen photography classes of different types since that time, NONE of those classes have effected the quality of my work as much as my Art classes. Learn the elements of design (leading lines, balance, harmony, rule of thirds, etc) and I GUARANTEE the quality of your photos will improve too.

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