Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo Contest Challenge

Why do dancers, dance? Why do singers, sing? In most cases, it has something to do with sharing their gift. Why every four years does the world stop what they are doing and watch a group of people perform their very best (the Olympic Games)? There is something intoxicating about watching an event where every single person is trying to push their limits to become better than before.

The Photo shown here was taken by Kami Myles, and it did NOT win this months photo contest, but it easily could have. Kami has won 4 photo contest of ours since Feb. 2007. She keeps turning out beautiful work and has a really cool website at "
http://www.kamimylesphotography.com/" She has won many awards and is living her dream. Photo Contests are not a means to put down those who do not win, they are a means to inspire and uplift those who do not even have the courage to try. Kami keeps trying, and keeps a winning attitude regardless of the results. If I had a section on my site for winning attitudes, I'm sure she be on there quite often. I encourage all of us to do the same. Keep putting your best images out there and enter often so others may also be inspired by your work.

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