Sunday, November 28, 2010

MORE than what you saw.

When walking around in Zion National Park (or any other scenic location for that matter); you often have to see beyond the existing subject matter for others to experience that same sense of freshness and beauty.

The tall rock walls are beautiful and awe inspiring, but when shot against an open sky, they often go dark and loose detail. Remember the camera is going to try to average the light it sees.

When I looked for something to frame the subject, I had the same problem, the leaves were almost silhouette, because of the bright sky in the middle. I solved this problem by using my flash outdoors to fill in the details in the leaves. More details in the leaves, better framing. Better Framing, more feeling of depth between the leaves and rock. More feeling of depth, the more it feels like you were there.

More often than not, for your viewer to have the same type of visual experience you did when shooting, you have to include MORE than just the subject. Yes, the rocks caught your eye, but to keep them looking again and again, there must be something to compare it to. Keep an open mind, when shooting what catches your eye.

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