Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wanted: Motivation

OK, here's the deal. Ezine is having a contest. Write 100 articles in 100 days, win cool stuff. Prior to this contest, I wrote 80 articles in 2 years. Besides creating this blog to help interaction between our group of talented photographers; I was truly to hoping to get more feedback on the type of things, you guys as photographers wanted to know more about. Yes, in case you were wondering, I am talking about photography articles.

So far, I'm at 4 articles in 4 days. Only 96 more to go!! Besides the prizes, I was also hoping this would give me more material to update my current photo ebook. So let me not beat around the bush any longer.

If you were to buy an ebook on photography, knowing what you already know, what subjects would you want it to cover?? The goal of this ebook would be to take you to the next level in photography. This is NOT aimed at the beginning photographer, rather it is to help existing photographers to become even more successful.

I will continue to post here as ideas occur, but I am looking for motivation, ideas, inspiration, etc; not only for the contest, but so that I can create something that will benefit as many photographers as possible. I know I don't know it all, but I can research and find answers that people really need . . . if I know what the questions are to begin with.

As a side note; I am strongly considering promoting this next ebook through "Clickbank". What that means to you is, I will make this a money making venture for all of us. You can get a percentage of any of my e books that are sold from your website. But not to get ahead of myself. First, I need to write 100 more photography articles. Second, I will totally redesign my current award winning ebook. Third, together we will make a lot of money.

For now, just keep sending ideas my way please!!!!

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  1. How about an article on "bokeh? An article on why when ever I shoot in manual the image is blurred; unless you already have one.